Let’s talk about replacing your roof

leaking roof needs replacing

We need to talk about your roof. If you’re like most homeowners, you rarely think your home’s roof until it starts to leak.Is it time to replace it? Don’t wait until you have to break out the buckets to pay attention to your roof. 

leaking roof needs replacing
A leaking roof is never a good sign – and may mean you need to replace your roof.


Light in the attic

If you think you might need a new roof, the first place to check is your attic. If you can see light coming through the beams or notice stains and streaks on the attic ceiling and walls, it may signal a leaky roof.

You can’t remember how old the roof is

Louisiana weather is extra hard on a roof. If you don’t remember ever replacing or re-shingling your roof, it may be hard to know how many good years it has left. Your roof may need replacing sooner than you think.

Damaged shingles

Damaged asphalt shingles may be a sign it’s time to replace your roof.

Keep an eye on your rooftop to make sure it’s in good shape, especially after heavy rain, hail or wind storms. Shingles should lie flat against the roof. If you find cracked, damaged, or buckled patches of shingles, call 225-998 ROOF to schedule a free inspection with one of our roofing specialists.

Still not sure if it’s time to replace your roof? Let’s talk! Call Dynamic Roofing Solutions

The easiest way to know if it’s time to replace your roof is to call Dynamic Roofing Solutions and speak with one of our roofing experts who can help you determine the condition of your current roof. 

Dynamic Roofing Solutions is a Louisiana-licensed and insured roofing contractor proudly providing quality roofing services to residents and business owners throughout South Louisiana, including Baton Rouge and the Capital Region, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Terrebonne, the Northshore, and New Orleans and surround areas.

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